23,5-25 Linglong LL-25 E-3/20pr TL

23,5-25 Linglong LL-25 E-3/20pr TL

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Nome: 23,5-25 Linglong LL-25 E-3/20pr TL
Categoria: Pneumatico industriale
Produttore: Doublestar
Stagione: Estivi gomme
Larghezza: 23.5
Diametro: 25
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Summer tires

nyári gumiThe surface of the summer tires are smoother than winter tires and their mixture is made of such materials which defend them from higher temperature. So it is worth to use summer tires when the temperature is over 7 degrees.

Industrial tires

We can different superelastic tires or air tires, depending on whether the forces taken by air or rubber. Industrial tires designed for little loaders (bobcat).

PR (Ply Rating) value

It shows the loadability of tires. The bigger is the PR the higher the resolution against the outside effect.

Tires sructure

radialdiagonal gumiThere are two different tire structures.

At diagonal tires the cord lines stand in 45 degrees with the basis line.

At the radial tires can be optimized for radial forces. The radial cords are in 90 degrees with basic line, so cords can take twice bigger forces than diagonal tires. So, radial tires have half number of ply than in diagonal tires. So can be slimmer the sidewall which give better cooling. Decrease the degrees of plies, so increase stability of tire at high speed

The signs of tire structure: R means radial tire. This sign (-) or D letter means diagonal tire. B means bias belted.

Bányagép abroncs 23,5-25 Linglong LL-25 E-3/20pr TL
Bányagép abroncs

Double Star was founded in 1921, is China's first state-owned shoe companies. Here on behalf of the 60,000 employees of the Double Star Group, and in my own name to have been understanding, care, support the development of leaders at all levels of the Double Star brand, to express my most sincere gratitude to friends from all walks of life.

The binary development experience of China's planned economy, reform and opening up, the three stages of the market economy. The early 1980s, the Double Star first boldness and courage to "take the lead" into the sea, the very best in the restricted area, boldly learn the traditional culture of Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism "for the modern enterprise management, adhere to the" market is the enterprise The top leadership ", the rise of competition in the market to take off in the market competition.

Binary market-oriented, brand strategy, human resources strategy, technology strategy, Lands and technology, management, science and technology, technology Technology to strengthen the management of funds, lower fees as the main line to the production and operation of the strategic adjustment measures, "hostage, security and quality" in order to ensure the successful completion of the whole process of state-owned enterprises from a planned economy to a market economy, a record of the largest traditional manufacturing and processing industries, first-class management, first-class quality of large enterprises Group.

Binary star who always "live up to expectations of the Chinese nation, the faith of winning glory for the Chinese people" for the spirit to "put up their own when their own backbone, feel good about themselves" excellent "inheriting tradition, learn from foreign advanced, creating its own characteristics as the driving force, summed to create a science, in line with the market economy, proven with Chinese characteristics "ABW theory". We advocate that the "markets such as the battlefield," and demanded that "full transition to a market, everyone involved in the competition"; we are adhering to the "Man Hing factory the management people-oriented"; we propose "following the market around the market, with the We adhere to the "enterprise what can reform the market change";, only quality can not reform "; we firmly believe that" the market is not terminated, brand name without lifelong management without a full stop ".

Binary people has always been a brand name in the market economy, the largest political foothold; "good use of money is the best ideological and political work" as a breakthrough; new ways to "do a good quality of products is the greatest good turn deserves another" , has completed a strategic shift out of the city, the mountains, the countryside "to complete a car gives shoemaking to" make shoes ", and then expand to the mechanical cross-sectoral transfer, and build a new framework of the" Double Star ". "Double Star top fashion shoes", "Double Star color tire", "Double Star quad-mode vulcanizing machine" a large number of the world's leading binary unique new products on the world stage to show the strength of the Chinese national enterprises.

Double Star, created a national industry in China one after another miracle out of a state-owned enterprise market road to success. Of the Tenth National People's Congress Standing Committee Xu Jialu, vice chairman of evaluation: Double Star to me more than once shocked and inspired a star of the binary, is dedicated to the Chinese people, the people of the world's outstanding products, another star to the construction of socialism in our dedicated to the Chinese people, new culture process, the Star of the modern oriental culture of the peoples of the world, a microcosm of the history of binary stars is also China's national industrial history, the ambition of the Chinese people, the Chinese people's wisdom in binary fully demonstrated.

Opportunities and challenges in the new era, Double Star will continue to be "objective thought, creation science, seriously do pragmatically dry, happily too cool to live" pragmatic attitude, to provide consumers with more colorful products to make your life more personalized, more stylish, more exciting. Wish all my friends "wear a double star, chic life"!

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Marcatura/segno del pneumatico

Regolamento UE 1222/2009' riguardante l'etichettatura dei pneumatici ha l'obiettivo di migliorare la sicurezza e l'efficienza economica e ambientale del trasporto su strada attraverso la promozione di pneumatici sicuri ed efficienti dal punto di vista dei consumi di carburante, con bassi livelli di rumorosità. Questo regolamento consente all'utente finale di effettuare scelte più consapevoli al momento dell'acquisto dei pneumatici, prendendo in considerazione anche queste informazioni oltre ai fattori che vengono solitamente tenuti in conto nel processo d'acquisto. Il regolamento UE 1222/2009 richiede di mettere a disposizione obbligatoriamente le informazioni a partire dal 1° Novembre 2012 per i pneumatici fabbricati a partire dal 1° luglio 2012 (Data di Produzione 2712; dove 27 è la ventisettesima settimana e 12 è l'anno 2012). Sarà possibile mettere a disposizione le informazioni di cui sopra, in anticipo rispetto alla data prevista, comunque non prima del 30 maggio 2012 (come da Regolamento 1235/2011). Sulla sinistra potete trovare l'etichetta nuova UE. Per saperne di piú cliccate quá. További tájékoztatónkat a jelölésekkel kapcsolatban erre a linkre kattintva olvashatja el.